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Through the fences (off)

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1 Through the fences (off) lähetetty Pe 3 Marras - 10:32

Ellie von B.

mukaan @Isabella S. @Jonathan R. @Jemiina R.

Friday, 3. November 2017

Steady rhythm of trotting echoed from the arena's walls. Grey horse jolted his head as he striked off into canter. I gave Riepu a check before leading him to a fence, roughly one meter high. He was excited as usual but ever so in control. After landing I glanced swiftly at the side of the arena and almost startled when noticed Isabella at the stand. Being a bit touchy today Riepu reacted more strongly than usual and increased the tempo. Having a coach present added pressure and increased my urge to ride perfectly. I slowed down and decided to work the trot next. Already sweating I led the grey to a shoulder-in. Riepu wasn't having it, he would have much more liked fast galloping around the arena.

The other horse and rider took over the obstacle course next. The bay gelding wasn't any easier than Riepu but even harder to ride. He was fighting against the bit and it was obvious Jemiina was having a hard time riding the course. The blonde handled the horse pretty well though. Lefa jolted his head snorting. I didn't pay much attention to the other rider as I was having enough difficulties myself.

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Jonathan R.

We packed ourselves in my car and set off. I promised to my brother Thomas, that I show him where I basically live nowdays, Auburn. Sun tried to shine through the thick clouds and slight autumn breeze threw leaves around.

I parked my BMW next to Ellie's Mercedez and I made huge gesture with my arms.
"Welcome to Auburn, bro!" Thomas looked around, but he didn't look that excited. "You said you would be little more enthusiastic with this..." I glanzed at him and rolled my eyes.

"Okay, I admit.. These people are damn rich. I get it. And what's your excuse ?" Thomas looked around the stable grounds.
"My excuse ?" I asked him.
"Why do you come here ? What is so special in this place ?" he insisted. I nodded towards the stable.
"I'll show you."

Stables were empty. Not even one living soul. I heard noises from the arena. I opened the door that leads straight to the middle of the arena. I whistled to let the horses know someone was entering.

I saw Isabella standing at the edge of the arena. She was looking at galloping horses with their riders. Ellie with Riepu and Jemiina with Lefa. Both looked good. Riding was balanced and light. I pointed at Isabella, who hasn’t noticed us yet.

”That’s Isbe. She’s one of the owners of Auburn. She’s cool but strict, in a good way of couse.” You know in comics when someone sees something they like, they replace their eyes with hearts, yes. That is excatly what my brother looked like. I turned to face him.
”Thomas. No. Just no.”

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Isabella S.

I overheard Ellie and Jemiina talking at the stable and instantly got tempted to watch their planned show jumping session. I didn't enter the arena straight away, I was only curious about the jumping. I arrived just in time, when Ellie jumped a straight fence with red-orange poles, riding my sister’s handsome grey gelding Riepu. Jemiina seemed to have trouble controlling Lefa's speed – oh well, so did Ellie now that I watched more carefully. Amanda’s horses were galloping like maniacs and I shook my head slightly but said nothing. Both riders were sweaty and I could hear them breath heavily. However they were persistent af and did all the right moves. These particular horses just weren’t the easiest to ride.

I just stared the horses that cantered more controlled now, absentminded, when I heard whistling. Someone was coming with or without a horse. Two male voices captured my attention and recognizing our golden boy Jonathan’s deep and calming sound, I glanced at their direction quickly. Guys walked towards me, I saw that with the corner of my eye.

Ellie and Jemiina jumped the fence again and I was just about to give them little advice, when I heard the two boys whisper something to each other, argue even. They appeared right behind me and someone coughed once. I got instantly annoyed by the gesture but turned politely.

“Thomas, my brother” Jonathan introduced and pointed the other lad. He seemed reluctant to do so for some reason, uncomfortable even. I examined Jonathan’s face but couldn’t tell why he was acting the way he did – until I gave his so called brother a long glance. Good-looking young lad, I must say – pure handsomeness now that I saw him close to me. Something about him reminded me of Jonathan, but his eyes were even more playful and hair different color. That pretty little thing was interested in me, no doubt about that. Poor Jonny must have feared this acquaintance; after all, he knew something of my thoughts on men – not to even mention what he probably knew about his brother. This guy looked ready for adventures.

Like proving my thoughts, Thomas came over to shake my hand and I found myself smiling at him adorably. He was definitely pleasing my eye. My reaction was still pretty mild and sophisticated, because at least to me it looked like the young lad was already stripping me with his eyes and those eyes were burning. He most certainly didn’t miss a spot and I actually saw the green eyes moving up and down my figure.

Fine, let him look. But I wasn’t going to be an easy catch, if catch at all – nor going to flirt in front of my own employee. Pleased with all this affection from probably much too young guy (yet hopefully older than young Jonny), I just turned my back and focused on horses again. I took few deep breaths and became the normal me again. Horses first, men second, I reminded myself. Although I could have lived an easier life not knowing that this little candy of a man existed so close to me. Damned.  

Tammataistelijat Erelas, Vilanna, Austria, Mirameir  ja Duchess <3

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Jemiina R.

Lefa was spirited. He galloped in place when I tried keep him away from Ellie and Riepu. When our turn came, gelding flew up. Our going wasn’t reckless, but it was a bit busy and at outsiders perspective it might look little fierce. My focus was in Isabella. Lefa resist my transition almost every time we approach the fence and that’s why the take-off points weren’t good. Lucky for me, gelding knows how to jump and he was careful not to take rails down. At the end of the course I pat Lefa on his neck, he slowed down dutiful and he felt like he finally accept contact.

At the indoor arenas stand were more people. I look more specifically and I noticed there were Jonny and some other guy. I ride closer to say hello to redhead guy when Ellie started to jump again the tarck. Lefa walked evenly snorting, I smiled. I have had finally some contact to this horse. My happiness was obviously noticeable and I didn’t cover up it.

The other guy introduced himself as Thomas, a little brother of Jonny. He was visiting Auburn, Jonny was a guide and now they were watching us jumping. Or did Thomas look? No, I noticed his eyes was glued in Isabella. I laughed myself, he could try I bet it’s hard. I praise Lefa to Isabella who turned to me when Ellie finished her track. My smile increased my ears.

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Ellie von B.

As soon as Jemiina was finished jumping the course I pushed Riepu into a canter and led him to the first fence. The gelding was excited as usual and I had to make a small circle to get him back to control. Besides that the course went on smoothly and we were really getting on the flow. I didn’t even noticed more people getting to the arena before I slowed Riepu down to trot.

My attention shifted from Riepu to the people in the stand. I saw Jonathan right away in his red hair and noticed that there was another boy with him. Even without certain knowledge I recognized him. It was Thomas, Jonathan’s brother. I had never met him in person nor had Jonny told me much about him. Jemiina had ridden closer to the three people and I followed her example, leading Riepu closer to the stand and finally stopped him in front of it.
”Hi, honey”, I smiled shortly to Jonathan and then nodded politely at Isabella and Thomas.

6 Vs: Through the fences (off) lähetetty Ti 7 Marras - 18:34

Jonathan R.

I introduced my brother to Isabella and she looked surprisingly interested. Jemiina and Lefa also came to greet us and soon after Ellie and Riepu.
"Hi, honey" she said.
"Well hello my beautiful woman. As you might have guessed, here's the one and only Thomas" I replied. I turned to my brother and told him, that I've told everything about him to my girl. Thomas punched me gently and just laughed.

I glanced at Isabella who just kept looking at my little brother. Well, who am I to judge. I have to admit; my bro is a bit funny looking fella. Jemiina and Lefa continued with the course and rest of us (except Isabella) wanted to see their execution.

"I noticed, that one of the cars still had summer tires, what kind of madman drives without winter tires in all that ice and snow ?" and like a douche he is, Thomas just couldn't shut up.

7 Vs: Through the fences (off) lähetetty Ke 8 Marras - 0:34

Isabella S.

I might have stared Thomas a bit, even though I tried to resist the temptation. I was listening how the youngsters introduced themselves to each other but only with half an ear. I was bit confused that Jemiina or Ellie didn’t look at Thomas that way, or not that I noticed of. But Jonathan was clearly observant and caught my wondering eye. I couldn’t lie to him and my staring must have been quite obvious, so I just made the word “sorry” with my lips. I don’t know why I did it, but it just felt appropriate.

I actually, literally, shook my head slightly to sober my thoughts and forced myself to look at the riders.  
“Great training so far my blondes, I’m proud of you. Both geldings were little bit restless and speeded unnecessarily, but that’s just normal as you know by now. I’m impressed how bravely you two ride them”, I smiled.
I was in good mood and just didn’t feel the urge to say anything negative. The girls deserved few compliments anyway. They looked bit astonished but continued riding, smiling openly. Glad I was easy on them for once!

“And what sort of car might that be? Hope you don’t mean a certain white Audi”, I commented, when the conversation turned to summer and winter tires. How that happened, I have no idea. Probably I wasn’t following enough. For some mystical reason that stood next to me…  

But Thomas was right; I didn’t want to drive my car before the matter was dealt with. I had just forgotten to call the mechanics - most certainly I wouldn’t do it myself.
“You can do it if you like and I’ll offer you a drink”, I slipped accidently. I just glanced Jonny quickly and the poor boy just shook his head and looked like he couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry.

Tammataistelijat Erelas, Vilanna, Austria, Mirameir  ja Duchess <3

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